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Could this be a practical joke?

SpeedmasterToday I was working on an Omega Speedmaster with a caliber 1151 inside. That’s the same as an ETA 7751, by the way. As I checked the pallet fork endshake it seemed really large. That’s when I noticed the upper pallet jewel was upside down. That’s right, the oil sink on the jewel was facing the pallet fork. I have to ask myself, is somebody playing a practical joke here. This is the kind of things professors in watchmaking school used to do to us. I don’t imagine a watch could leave the factory like that, could it? I of course corrected the problem and the watch is running very well.

By the way, I like the ETA 7750 series. It’s not beautiful or elegant but it is a robust and functional automatic chronograph which always seems to perform very well. It amazes me how inexpensively you can pick one up. A kit online is about $550 to assemble one yourself (prices probably rising). You can get one in a Swiss Army for just under $1000. Lots of other inexpensive brands use them as well. I’m sure you can get a great deal for one on the secondary market. Hopefully ETA will continue supplying parts as they are currently because they are a great watch to service.

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