Could this be a practical joke?
Hublot Spare Parts
Tuesday Tools – Case Opener Update
Do it yourself
Tuesday Tools – Alcohol Lamp & Pallet Warmer
Watches, I
What happens to my watch when it is serviced?
ETA 2892
Tuesday Tools – Files
Monday Myth- Running your chronograph all the time will cause it to wear out sooner.
Pegging out jewels
Spring bars
Keeping track of screws
Tuesday Tools – Screwdrivers
Monday Myth – If I pull out my crown will my battery last longer?
Watches for Women – a guest post by my wife
Copyright 1893 Watch Puzzler

Saphir – Watch magazine for Women
Happy Leapy Day!
Five films from Rolex
Lessons from a day of watchmaking
Tuesday Tools – Hand Pushers
Environmental concerns in watchmaking?
Blu-Ray Wins!
Micromechanics, Part III
Baume & Mercier Linea Review
All Stones are not created equal.
World’s most accurate clock.
Watchmaker’s Lathe – Made in China?
Watch Maker or Watch Repairer?
Floorology – The art of finding things on the floor.
ETA 6497, a Review
Tuesday Tools – Case Openers
What Makes a good watchmaker?
Micromechanics, Part II
Inequality for women in watches
Micromechanics, Part I
Super Tuesday Commentary
Tuesday Tools – Mainspring Winders
Break-in Period, True or False?
A tribute to Gordon B. Hinckley
OSU Watchmaking
Announcing a new blog in Spanish
Does my watch really need to be serviced every x years?l

Parts Availability or Unavailability
Certified Watchmaker
Tuesday Tools – Measuring Tools
It’s not all fun
Economic Stimulus
Watch Parts
Basel World Predictions
Pavel Bure Pocket Watch
Tuesday Tools – Horia Jeweling Tool
Battery or Power Cell?
Musing about Politics
Watchmaking Injustice
A Watchmaker’s Tools
The Lititz Watch Technicum
Tick Talk – the post that started it all.


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